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A business plan or business plan is a formal and written statement regarding the goals of a business and how to achieve these goals. In fact, many people fail to make a busines plan while doing business. Some people believe that what is important from a business is just running it.

But a path without a plan is an act that is not wise. Can creating a busines plan or business plan “guarantee” a business will become a successful business? Of course there is no guarantee / certainty. The stages of making a business plan include

Preparation stage

at this stage is the process of self-evaluation and our business ideas. At this stage, you think about all the possibilities that make your business successful or not. Building a business means you need several skills such as managerial skills, market recognition skills, specific techniques / competencies according to business, finance, and a long-term vision to make your business continue to grow and be successful.

Writing process

Having already gone through the preparatory steps, we now have a variety of basic material about the business idea that is ready to be put into focus when composing a business plan. This includes preparing the format of the plan itself. . Several common array formats

Front cover Executive Summary

Company Profile Market Research Products / Services Marketing and Sales

Financial Projections Attachments

Study Stage

At this stage, we need to take time to review what was planned and written. Busines planning is an ongoing activity carried out in line with changes and growth in your business and also takes into account the industrial market situation you are in. Repeated review will help you minimize errors and become one of your compasses in responding to the dynamic world of business.

Deployment Stage

The business plan document is a blueprint for how our business will run and where our future business goals will go. Therefore, treat our business plans as our intellectual property. In an effort to maintain fair business competition, it is understandable and suggested the importance for us to be more selective to whom we show busines documents. Sometimes it is necessary to avoid competitors. You look at your business plans.

Technical Assistance Stage

Having a business idea and trying to compile a busines plan is the first step to realizing your business. But besides passion, we also need knowledge of the industrial busines that we are interested in. We also need other skills to realize your busines plan, including the expertise to compile In addition to browsing internet pages, it is better if you sharpen your knowledge by attending seminars or workshops, and / or you ask for consulting services from a mentor or competent business advisor.

Business Plan Preparation Stage Using Templates

at this time it’s possible that we can easily access various business plan format templates on many pages. Here are some tips before we choose to use a suitable template.

Do some research beforehand and choose a template that fits your situation

 For whom this document is intended

Writing does not have to be sequentially followed as specified in the template; We can start wherever we can, and it is relevant to our business

 Seek opinion assistance or even editing for written results if you are not satisfied with the writing of your business plan document

Make sure we write clearly between the estimated or actual figures  Write a summary at the end of writing

Professional front cover appearance  Get used to do repeated studies


To complete the work on making this busines plan document, our team needs a normal time of 2 weeks to 3 months to be effective, depending on the breadth of the business field.

The service fee of making a busines plan or busines plan starts from Rup. 20,000,000, – While the payment method is 70% at the beginning and the remaining 30% after the documents are submitted.

The cost of presentation, accommodation, consumption and transportation incurred in this activity will be the obligation of the requesting party.

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