If you are just starting your career as a music producer and you wonder how to succeed at it, you’re in the right place. Music production is an interesting career to pursue, but as with any career, there are some complications that you would want to avoid. In this article, we will take an unusual approach to the topic and talk about what NOT to do as a beginning music producer. We, at EKmixmaster mixing and mastering services work with beginning producers all the time. We help them with mixing tracks, and we would like to highlight some recurring mistakes that we see in the projects of aspiring music producers.

Avoid plagiarism

It’s OK to copy your favorite artists at the beginning of your career. Copying is a good way to understand how the song is made. It is also great for ear training, as you have to recreate sounds and chords that you hear. But, if you do copy someone, let it be just for practice, don’t post it anywhere, and certainly don’t pass it off as your creation. Think about it this way you wouldn’t want someone to do it to you, so don’t do this to other artists. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Master your tracks

Many newbie producers get very excited when they finish their first beat and can’t wait to share it with everybody as soon as possible. It is understandable however, you should never post your tracks without mastering them first. Mastering is the process of balancing the volume of the tracks to make them sound equally good at the club, in the car, and in your headphones. It is the final stage of the production process. Mastering is an advanced technique, so if you have any problems with it, we suggest that you hire an expert who can do mastering for you. You may also use free online mastering services that use algorithms to master your track. It won’t sound as professional, but it will b better than nothing at all.

Use high-quality samples

The sample is a part of a recording (like a drum loop or a vocal) that you can use in your track. It is especially useful for newbies because they are easy to use and can help you with overcoming your creative block. However, avoid using low-quality samples. No amount of effects and eqing will fix what was initially bad. Cooking obeys the same principle. If the ingredients are rotten, even the best cook in the world won’t be able to make a good stew. You don’t want your stew to taste like garbage, so choose good samples.

Don’t shy away from collaborations

Music is indeed a collective process and effort. It is easier to come up with ideas when you write with someone. If one of you gets stuck, the other one can propose something new. One idea leads to another, and you both can benefit from that. By collaborating with other artists, you can come up with new and exciting ideas. It is also great for cross-promotion and networking purposes.

There you have it, tips on what to avoid if you are starting as a music producer. We hope that you find these recommendations valuable and wish you luck on your music production journey.

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