Spectrum is a cable company that provides television, internet and phone services to homes across the United States. Spectrum offers many packages for people with different needs such as entertainment, sports and Spanish channels. The company has been in business since 2002 and was formerly known as Charter Communications until May 2017 when it changed its name to Spectrum. All of their plans include HD quality television. They also offer great deals like two-year price lock contracts and free installation on select service areas.

Spectrum Cable Service is one of the leading cable service providers in the United States. Offering high-speed internet, TV and phone services to homes nationwide, Spectrum has been consistently rated as one of the best companies for customer satisfaction by J.D. Power & Associates. The company provides customers with an expansive selection of programming choices at affordable prices so they can customize their viewing experience – all supported by outstanding customer service from knowledgeable representatives who are ready to help you 24/7!

Spectrum Internet Plans

Spectrum internet plans are a great choice if you’re looking for the fastest speeds around Spectrum offers high-speed internet with data caps that vary depending on your plan and speed. Find out more about their fiber optic network, including download and upload speeds, pricing, availability in your area, or call today to speak to one of our experts.

Speed Test

Spectrum internet speed test is a tool that you can use to diagnose your Spectrum internet connection. This will tell you what the maximum download and upload speeds are for your account, as well as if there are any issues with how it’s being used. It also shows you which devices are active on your network so that you can isolate any problems with specific ones.

The first step of the spectrum internet speed test is to connect one device at a time to see which one has an issue. Once this is done, try connecting them all again one at a time until the problem goes away or it becomes clear what device needs attention. If none of those options work, it might be time for Spectrum tech support.

Restrictions apply

Spectrum Internet Federal Emergency Broadband Program: This offer is only for a limited time. The benefit will expire upon the termination of the Program by FCC. Income eligibility requirements apply. After the Program ends, standard rates will apply; they may vary depending on where you live. Additional taxes, fees, surcharges and surcharges could apply and may change during or after the Program period. Installation/network activation, equipment, and other services are additional. Speed is based on wired connection. It may vary depending on the address. Wireless speeds can vary. All applicable terms and conditions of service are subject to change. There are restrictions

Device Requirements

Speed is based on wired internet connection. The speed of the Internet may vary depending on where you live. Spectrum Internet Gig offers speeds up to 1 gigabit. This is in addition to the monthly Internet price. 

Performance Details

Based on download speeds up to 1GB and the most recent FCC Measuring Broadband USA Report

Offer Details

Limited time offer. Subject to change. Valid for qualified residential customers who haven’t subscribed to any service in the last 30 days and have no outstanding Charter obligations. Internet prices start at $49.99/mo. Standard rates will apply after yr 1. TV Select costs $44.99/mo per yr 1, and standard rates are applicable after yr 1. Additional $12.99 per month for home phone service Additional taxes, fees, and surcharges (broadcast fee up to $17.99/mo), are additional and subject to change throughout and after the term. Installation, equipment, and other services are also extra. Services not available in all areas. There are restrictions. To determine availability, enter your address.

 Limited Offer

Only for qualified new business customers.Comparison of Spectrum Business promo rates with non-promo rates from competitors for Internet and 2 phone lines. Actual savings could vary. *$49.99 Internet Offer for 12 Months. Bundled with TV or Voice & Incl. Spectrum Business Internet speeds starting speeds Speed is based on the download speed of a wired connection.

Speeds may differ for wireless connections. The speed of the internet may vary depending on where you live. Actual speeds can vary. Speed advertised is based on the speed of a wired connection.

 Wireless Internet speeds can vary. **$19.99 Voice Offer for 12 months. Bundled with Internet & Incl. $19.99/month for Spectrum Business TV Essentials. Spectrum Business Internet subscription required. Additional taxes might apply. Spectrum TV App is required to access Spectrum Business TV Essentials.

Apple TV can access Spectrum TV App. Bar and restaurant customers are not eligible. The number of channels available may vary.  

Spectrum Mobile

Offer subject to modification; only valid for qualified business customers who do not have an outstanding Charter obligation. Spectrum Business Internet Subscription Required. Auto-pay is required. All taxes and fees are included. Equipment sales taxes are separately billed. Per line activation charge applies. Prices subject to change.

There are restrictions on returns. @Unlimited: You will have reduced speeds during the remainder of your bill cycle after 20 GB per line.

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