Lithium Canada has acquired a larger stake of the Arena Minerals group through a transaction of nearly $10 million. The firm acquired a series of shares at $.54 each. The deal includes a holding of Arena minerals from 11.6% to 18%. The mineral exploration company is known for its copper and lithium projects throughout Argentina and Chile and the additional investment in the mineral companies will result in new development plans across Argentina.

Lithium Americas will continue to build into brine projects at the Millennial and lithium owned brine project nearby. With these investments we are likely to see an optimal investment in the region and the chance for a number of new jobs in the lithium mines of America.

Lithium Americas and the acquisition process explains that the company is acquiring the securities for initial investment purposes, but goes on to say that with further common shares and securities it will be possible to take on more of Arena Minerals and their assets.

As lithium Americas continues to buy up sections of these companies, we may see a greater supply of lithium coming into America as well as greater evidence of a natural supply in the job market. This investment into the richest lithium mines in the world can lead to a massive number of new jobs and a need for innovation as the mine expands.

This growth in the industry points to a chance to expand the Sal de la Puna project which covers 11 ha across the Pastos Grandes basin in Salta. The lithium Americas deal in Argentina focuses on much of the same thing and signified the early start of this spending.

We will be watching this area closely to see how lithium markets will change worldwide.

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 Having followed the increased investment, Lithium Americas, based in Canada, would control around 18 percent of Arena Minerals’ issued and outstanding common shares, according to the firm.Arena Minerals, a lithium exploration firm, holds 65 percent of the Sal de La Puna lithium project and 100% of the Antofalla lithium brine property. Argentina is home to both enterprises. The business paid C$0.54 per share for 23,369,003 common Arena Minerals shares.

Lithium Americas’ stake in Arena Minerals would rise from 11.6 percent to nearly 18 percent as a result of this purchase.

Arena Minerals is a mineral exploration firm with copper and lithium assets in Chile and Argentina.The extra investment in Arena Minerals is expected to help Lithium Americas’ resource development ambitions in Argentina.

Arena Minerals has commenced drilling on its Sal de la Puna Project, which spans 11,000 acres in Salta’s Pastos Grandes basin.


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